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17 US Cities Boycotting Products That Include Facial Recognition

15 US cities, 1 county, and 1 state, have not only banned government use of facial recognition, but are effectively boycotting the purchase of any product that includes facial recognition, with the City of Oakland, CA declaring that they are "sending a message to the market not to develop these products."

Inside this note, we examine:

  • Who the 17 US locations are

  • The rationale from Oakland, CA who has been a leader in opposing facial recognition

  • How it impacts manufacturers including Avigilon, Briefcam, Dahua, Hikvision, and more.

  • Why the ACLU, EFF, and Fight For the Future supports this in comments to IPVM

  • Why SIA opposes this in comments to IPVM

Read more on : IPVM

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