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Directory Of 100+ Video Surveillance Facial Recognition Sellers

This directory provides a list of facial recognition providers to help readers consider options and make sound purchasing decisions based on their individual requirements.

Face Rec Going Mainstream

While facial recognition was once a niche offering, in 2021 it's found in cameras, recorders, and software, with prices ranging from effectively free (included at no cost on <$300 cameras) to high (~$3,000/channel).

Face Rec Performance Warning

However, the facial recognition market is crowded, with dozens of new entrants in the last few years. The positive side is that the technology is progressing, with deep learning / neural networks making a major improvement. However, performance, pricing, integration, usability, etc. can vary greatly.

Moreover, unlike cameras, where many people reasonably expect at least decent image quality, video analytic performance can range from high to low quality. Because of this, readers should not assume that every vendor on this list is appropriate for every application.

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