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Remove Dahua and Hikvision Equipment "Immediately" Or Else Banned From US Government Contracts

The US government has directed contractors to remove covered equipment, such as Dahua, Hikvision, and Huawei Hisilicon products, "immediately." If they do not by August 2021, the contractor will be banned from US government contracts.

This follows the US DoD declaration that they "can no longer do business" with contractors using Dahua, Hikvision or Huawei, in April, and as the rule implementing the NDAA ban's 'blacklist' clause, which bans anyone who "uses" banned equipment from dealing with the federal government is scheduled to go into effect next month, on August 13.

GSA Says Remove Equipment "Immediately"

On July 8, the GSA released a Q&A about the NDAA ban (Section 889):

GSA answered the following question about how the ban will be implemented and what to do about removing covered equipment:

Does Section 889 apply retroactively, to contracts awarded prior to the effective date, and to equipment placed (or ordered but perhaps not yet placed) prior to the effective date, and if so, what exposure/risk do contractors face? Will contractors be required to remove and replace installed equipment, cancel existing orders, or take some other measure(s)? [emphasis added]

The GSA told contractors to remove covered equipment "immediately" and if this is not done by August 13th 2021, this will result in blacklisting.

Contractors are required to remove covered telecommunications or video surveillance equipment or services immediately. Any covered equipment that cannot be removed immediately should be considered medium or high risk and the contractor must complete a wavier. Any contractor who does not remove all covered equipment or services by August 13, 2021 will be removed from all schedules or contracts will be canceled. [emphasis added]

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