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Vandal Resistance/IK Rating Guide

"Vandal-proof" is a term often used by manufacturers to market their products, but the reality is that these specifications are mostly self-determined and cannot be trusted.

In this 16-page guide, we explain how vandal resistance (IK ratings) of cameras are determined and how realistic they are, examining:

  • What are IK ratings and how are they determined?

  • What standards are used?

  • How manufacturers may game the standards

  • How manufacturers use/abuse generic "vandal" terms

  • How IK ratings are tested

  • What testing is defined in the standards and what is left up to manufacturers?

  • Most common points of failure in IPVM IK testing

  • Are some materials better than others?

Plus, upcoming, based on IPVM's new internal vandal-resistant test rig, IPVM will release individual reports on which manufacturers and models passed or failed.

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